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   NEET PG 2023

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   CBME Curriculum M D General Medicine

   CBME Curriculum M D Pathology

   CBME Curriculum M S Ophthalmology

   CBME Curriculum M S Obstetrics Gynaecology

   CBME Curriculum M S Orthopedics

   PG 2020

Postgraduate Course

M.D. / M.S.

Duration : 3 years


 1. MD General Medicine -    4+6*=10  seats

2. MD Pathology             -     2 seats

3. MD Ophthalmology      -    1+2*= 3 Seat

4. M.S. Orthopedics         -   4+2*=6 seats

5. M.S. Obstetrics & Gynecology -   3 seats*

6. MD  Dermatology         - 3 seat* 

[* seats are permitted by NMC w.e.f.2023-24]   


The candidate must qualify the eligibility criteria for admission to MD/MS Program as prescribed in NEET-2023 information Booklet.

All admissions are done by state CET Cell for all Quota.


College has not authorized any individual or any agency for admission.

All admission letter for admission any program of the college are issued by state CET cell Only.




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